Selfcare is the New Healthcare


Introducing World Global Network, a World Class Company with World Class Products!
Where Technology meets Wellness.
Founded in 2011, World Global Network is a publicly traded company and is recognized as a leading player in wearable technology. Our products have been featured on NBC, Fox and Friends and The Today Show. Forbes states: “Wearable Tech Market to be worth $34 Billion by 2020.”

World introduces: Life Sensing Technology: selfcare is the new healthcare

HELO, an advanced wearable health band offers life sensing technology coupled with clinical grade sensors to effectively monitor your bio parameter data Features include, blood pressure monitoring, heart rate, performs an EKG, Mood/Energy levels, and remote monitoring of loved ones. In addition, the Helo has an emergency SOS GPS locator, sleep monitoring capabilities along with fitness tracking and more.

The ability for the Helo to read and monitor sugar levels, in a non-evasive way, was showcased at the largest Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 2018.

The sugar trend app will be available in the coming months. Also coming soon are apps that measure, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood alcohol levels and a mosquito shield!! We have an open API platform, so the sky is the limit as to the variety of apps that will be added to the store.
BioZen Plus is a Class 1 Medical Device
Medical research shows that the radiation from cell phones facilitate harmful effects including: headaches and sleep disturbances, irritated eyes and concentration difficulty with memory impairment. BioZen is scientifically and medically proven to protect your body 24/7 from your electronic devices. Biozen is the first chip in the form of a sticker that reduces the harmful effects of electro-smog.
World Global Network is a technology company that offers the latest innovation in self-monitoring coupled with a Biozen sticker to protect you from radiation pollution. The two products are the perfect storm for health awareness with an opportunity to “Wear and Share” and get paid if you choose to join this movement.
Please go to: or call 760.716.1945 for additional information.


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