Shared Trash Bin Refuse Program for Historic Vista


As the new year begins, so does a new plan that will offer great benefit to downtown businesses. VVBA and the City of Vista have been working with the Vistacado block of Main St to welcome new restaurant usage to our Historic Downtown.

With When Pigs Fly opening it’s BBQ joint on Main later this month, the birth of a 5 merchant Shared Bin trash program has been established.

VVBA will serve as the administrator of the new program that was created with eyes to future growth of our downtown community. EDCO does not offer shared bin service unless a single entity serves as the administrator holding the contract for service. VVBA will serve this role and is excited says Executive Director Jeffrey Frankel,

“the program will allow us to fill vacant space in our downtown with retail, restaurant, and other types of services that will need trash services, while monitoring the required change to organic refuse removal…the shared bin plan can by adjusted to meet the future use through both additional shared bin space and altering of service levels”.

Businesses not participating in this program will be required to keep refuse bins on private property or within their business. Meanwhile, the City of Vista will power wash and paint the enclosures, and is investigating funding for the addition of lighting within the enclosures to provide additional security. EDCO will offer new bins and will be exchanging bins within the enclosures semi-annually basis due to the high restaurant usage. We hope having fresh bins will help reduce odor and grim creating a clean and nice parking lot for customers to use when visiting local merchants.

These concerted efforts will ease customer parking, provide trash disposal options for all businesses and comply with wastewater regulations, while looking to the growth of organic waste coming into practice with the new year (and required by January 2019) as well as future business growth of downtown. The City-owned trash enclosures located in the Vistacado Parking lot will be managed differently and hopes are this will serve VVBA’s mission by breeding Economic Vitality in our area. Contract agreements are in the hands of the affected merchants and arrangement’s are being made with EDCO for the plan to start January 15, 2018.

The VVBA will install new locks on the trash enclosures and issue a key to each merchant within the program. EDCO will service the bins 3 times weekly for trash and 2 times weekly for recycle bins. For several participating businesses this offers additional pick ups and allows for better service. This allows for the 5 merchants along the Vistacado parking lot the ability to place trash from their business into any bin within the locked enclosures. VVBA and the City of Vista are excited to see how such a program can benefit and grow our downtown community. So, good things are happening entering 2018!


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