The Obstacle is the Solution with Oceanside Traffic / CA-76


Christopher Rodriguez
Oceanside City Council District 2
The City of Oceanside lists CA-76 as a 6-lane Highway on its circulation element and CALTRAN (California Transportation) has ZERO committed funds to complete. Meanwhile, Politicians in San Diego are raiding road funds meant to fix and improve major roads leaving Oceanside to fend for yourself.

Traffic in Oceanside is only going to get worse as regional developments from ALL surrounding cities are underway. Some will say “Stop building in Oceanside until the roads are fixed and widened” This view is shortsighted and just not possible for 3 main reasons:

1. Literally tens of thousands of homes to Oceanside’s Northeast, Southeast and Southwest are being built with ZERO input and control. These homes have commuters that will use Oceanside’s streets and highways to get too and from work, home and leisure. Even if Oceanside was to just stop building starting today, the road and traffic impacts will still come 10 fold.

2. We have to build to meet state mandates under Regional Housing Needs Assessments set by the State due to significant housing shortages. If we don’t, the State of California will take over processing development applications for Oceanside and local control will be hindered leaving unmitigated impacts and significant consequence.

3. The City of Oceanside does not have the money on its own to even come close to fixing and improving major road infrastructure like CA-76. Without leveraging potential developments we would lose out on millions of much needed infrastructure and public safety improvements.

I have developed a 4 step plan that will set Oceanside up for success to demand balanced development mitigation and to set Oceanside up for success with regional and local funding sources. Uncontrolled development and poor strategic foresight has brought us to this exact point and time. My plan will turn this giant obstacle into the solution Oceanside deserves.

Join Councilman Rodriguez and support his 4 step plan to fixing the CA-76 and mitigating for future traffic impacts before its too late. Visit for more information.