The State of Our Educational System is Described as Critical



Our teens/young adults are a lively and diverse group with much to offer society and their communities. They look to us to equip them to live more enriched lives. Getting Ready to Move Out will be a valued resource to help teens/young adults reach that goal when there is no one who will — and even more so when their homes and parents/guardians are devoid of the knowledge base to do so. Please consider adding this carefully prepared life skills handbook with guides and logs to your household.

Getting Ready to Move Out’s proven training ground will equip teens and young adults with basic life skills no longer taught in most of our educational institutions, young adults still living at home and in foster care, whether preparing to embark on their own or to a college dorm.

Getting Ready to Move Out’s highly readable format teaches step-by-step basic life skills many of us muddled through and now take for granted, including:
– professional grooming
– applying/interviewing for jobs
– opening bank accounts
– saving money
– establishing/maintaining credit
– inventorying/acquiring property needed
– reading/understanding rental agreements, not co-signing with roommates.
– and any other skills necessary for living confidently vs moving forward with uncertainty.

Getting advice from people that don’t know much isn’t a good source of information and that’s where too many teens get it. Getting Ready to Move Out also addresses the real life topics of Employment, Banking, Credit, Being Homeless, Date Rape, Human Trafficking and other real life experiences every teen should know before leaving home and are very strongly urged to be aware of.

What many people may not know is that each year in the U.S. alone, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school – that’s about 7,000 students each day or one (1) student every 26 seconds. Not only are dropouts subject to a greater than 30.8% poverty rate, but over 80% of the incarcerated population is high school dropouts — markedly impacting every community.

I know firsthand the value the roadmap this book will offer to you, your teens, their friends and their parents, to be able to navigate adult life with more confidence and success. Knowledge leads to confidence, which leads to success. Trial and error are wonderful teachers but it can also be costly and set young adults back in many ways, some never fully recover….and for now it can start with this book and the guidance it provides.

I am working hard meeting with as many school officials to ask that they consider adding this carefully prepared critical life skills information hand book to as many school curriculums as possible, even if for a short period of review or, better yet, for a full semester’s study of what living real life is all about. Let’s curtail the High School to Prison Pipeline together. Help your teen not to be a statistic.

You may contact me personally, Ashley Anello, Author by email: Schools an libraries may contact Page Publishing directly at (866) 315-2708 today for your school to purchase copies of Getting Ready to Move Out.


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