Trade Tech High Robotics Team wins Long Beach Fleet Week 2019 and Fall Classic in Orange County!


Trade Tech High School Robotics Team wins at Long Beach Fleet Week 2019 and Fall Classic in Orange County!

Team 4486, the Blue Prints, from Trade Tech High School competed in the annual competition in Long Beach held at Fleet Week. This was a pre-season event using last year’s competition robot. It is great for the new team members to come out and see a competition. The robot had to be completely rebuilt after the grueling competition season last year.

A completely new drive team took on all comers to finally best the competition and bring home the banner. It was a tough start with the rebuilt robot having communication issues with Field Management System causing us to be unable to move in the first two matches, but after the router issue was addressed, the team managed to go and routinely outscore any team there.

In the end, we competed on the fourth alliance into semi-finals and were faced with taking out the first and second place teams. We bested them two out of three and made it into finals where we were up against a great alliance. The first match was an easy win, but the second match, the other alliance rallied and pulled off a win. The third match was too close to call at the buzzer, but after the scores were all tallied, Team 4486 brought home the win.

This last weekend in Orange County, the Blue Prints from Trade Tech bested the competition to bring home the win again at the Fall Classic Robotics Event, held in Placentia. In spite of many of our team graduating last year, the new students are filling the gap and achieving huge successes. While we do not go to these events soley to win, it sure builds confidence in our new students and drives them to do better.

The real win is watching them help other teams fix their robot between matches and help them become better competitors. There is nothing better than watching students helping students, even if it means they are more competitive and can unseat you.


We have one more off-season event coming up before the Kick-Off on January 4th, where we find out what this year’s game will be. The October 19th event, the Battle at the Border, will be held at Cathedral High School here in San Diego. The Blue Prints won that event last year. Let’s see if the team can bring home back to back banners.