Victims Sought in Theft from Fitness Center Locker Rooms

Fitness center Locker Theft Series


CARLSBAD, Calif. – The City of Carlsbad Police Department is seeking additional victims of theft from fitness center locker rooms. On September 19, Carlsbad officers arrested 32- year-old Mayra Vasquez of Carlsbad in Encinitas and booked her into the Vista Detention Facility for multiple counts of identity theft and burglary.

The series began in December of 2018 and investigators have reason to believe there are well over 20 cases related to the Carlsbad series and at this time, at least 30 countywide cases. Evidence indicates there are still numerous cases county wide and potentially additional victims.

The suspect(s) would enter a fitness center and remove property from the locker room. At times, vehicle keys were taken, and the vehicle was entered outside the fitness center. Wallets and other property were taken, and identities were stolen.

Investigators are asking victims who have had property stolen from a fitness center locker room to contact their local Police Department to report the crime and have it potentially added to this series.

Once victims have filed a report with their respective agencies, we are requesting that they please contact us at 760-931-2154 and provide the Carlsbad Police Department with the agency name and agency case number so that all cases can be consolidated.

For more information

Lt. Kevin Lehan, General Investigations Commander, 760-931-2166 or