Vista City Councilmember Joe Green to Run for Mayor in November 2018 Election


Councilman Joe Green, picked up his paperwork from the City Clerks Office to make his run for Mayor in 2018 official. Joe Green was elected in 2016 and has brought an optimistic approach and upbeat attitude to the Vista City Council.
He has agreed to a question and answer video interview that will be posted Wednesday here at NC DAILY STAR

Joe Green Said,

“I have nothing but respect and admiration for our current mayor Judy Ritter. Over her 20yr career as an elected official she’s done amazing things. I just want to give Vistans another viable option for the position. I love Vista and see this as the best opportunity to use my skill sets to serve my community. I’m honored to be in a position to run for this office. I have tons of respect for anyone who puts themselves out in the public light, and makes a run for any office. This will take a lot of time, work, and money but I think Vista deserves a choice. My family and I made this decision together and we are excited to work hard make this dream a reality.”


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