Vista Conservancy Trail Cleanup Event this Saturday


With fire season upon us, we are making a big push to reduce the possibility of any potential fires from starting or spreading along our trail into adjacent neighborhoods and businesses. This weekend our focus will be on removing dead brush and thinning the overgrown vegetation throughout the trail and along the creek.
Come Prepared – We realize it will be on the warmer side this Saturday, but we strongly recommend that all volunteers wear:

a. Long Sleeve Pants/Shirt

b. Closed Toe Shoes/Work Boots

Protect yourself from the elements: Suggested items include:

a. Sunscreen

b. ChapStick

c. Hat

d. Sunglasses

e. Any allergy medication

Tools to bring if you have available:

a. Work Gloves

b. Shovel

c. Trimmers

d. Clippers

e. Rake

f. Large plastic trash bags

Event: The Vista Conservancy Walking Trail Cleanup

Date: This Saturday, October 12

Time: 8am – 11:00am

Address: 981 Vale Terrace Dr. Vista, Ca. – located approximately ¼ mile north of Brengle Terrace Park in Vista

** From the parking lot, volunteers can walk southwest towards the creek. We will have check-in at the other side of the walking bridge.

For additional information, please contact us via e-mail at