Vista Council to Discuss Cannabis Delivery at June 25th Meeting


On Tuesday June 25, 2019, at 5:30pm, the Vista City Council meeting will be held.
In December 2018, the City Council adopted an urgency ordinance prohibiting the establishment of all forms of cannabis-related uses, with the exception of those qualifying medical cannabis dispensaries authorized by Measure Z. The moratorium provides twelve months for staff
to review the prohibited uses and return to the City Council with recommendations. This discussion item serves to provide the City Council with an update on Measure Z and California cannabis laws and regulations, to provide information on the prohibited uses, and seek direction regarding which uses the City Council may wish to see allowed or further prohibited.

Delivery: As previously discussed, State-imposed regulations now allow for cannabis delivery within Vista city limits. At this time, staff recommends allowing for delivery from the Measure Z-approved dispensaries, to address two issues created by the new State regulation: 1) the regulation places Measure Z-approved dispensaries at a competitive disadvantage to outside retailers who can freely delivery to Vista addresses; and 2) since outside businesses will be delivering to Vista addresses under the state regulation, if the City of Vista does not create a structure to allow for delivery, the City would not have any oversight or control over the outside businesses delivering in Vista, nor collect taxes on the deliveries conducted within the City limits.

Should the City Council desire to allow for delivery, staff will return with formal regulations consistent with the State regulations for delivery Additionally, formal regulations will allow for the Measure Z businesses to have the option to deliver and include hours of operation consistent with Measure Z (9:00am to 10:00pm), as well as include the following requirements for delivery from businesses not located within the Vista city limits. READ FULL AGENDA


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