Vista Sewer Rates On The Rise!!


Vista City Council met last night at the Civic Center. The hottest topic of the evening were your city sewer rates. The city of Vista operates two separate sewer systems within the city limits, which are the actual City Of Vista Sewer System, along with the Buena Sanitation Sewer System has 330 miles of sewer line. The Shadowridge area of our community, 92081 zip code, is the primary area falling under the Buena system. Most Shadowridge residents will have a decrease of 6.8% followed by no increases for the next five years.

An older infrastructure, additional maintenance needs, and higher flows, were noted as the reason for the increase.

The council approved a 5% increase in sewer charges over the next five years for its City of Vista customers. There will be no changes in the first two years, followed by a 1% increase in 2021 and followed by a 2% increase in 2021 & 2022. With the current sewer bill for residential properties at $674.00 this increase will cost the average Vista home owner $33.70 over this five year period, bringing the total annual sewer assessment to $707.70.

Council Member Aguilera suggested future increases be charged at a 1% rate consecutively over the five year period, as the two year freeze in rates followed by a larger final increase doesn’t make sense. He seemed to have the consensus of the council which will not have to address sewer fees again until 2021. When it comes to commercial sewer rates, the fee schedules were a bit too complex to relay in this article. Feel free to watch the meeting in its entirety on our city web site @ or contact any of our elected officials.


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